May 08, 2005


No, that's not what I meant- you want that other blog.

Today I laid 10 strips on the hull. (another view) Used my block plane to make a square edge for the sheer strips... which will later mate with the deck, after hull and deck are both finished independently.

There was a lot more stem shaping to be done... I think my chisel is getting dull already. I also think that I am not too good at beveling things yet! Here are the bow and stern.

A quick summary of laying a strip: keep shaping the inside bow and stern stems about 3 strips ahead (otherwise you destroy the ends of the strips you just laid ........) Pick out your wood - for both sides, you alternate sides as you're stripping the hull - and temporarily "pin" the strips in place on the stations. (~3" PVC cut into little circles with a cut through in one place make nice little pins/clamps.) Put a bead of glue of the right amount inside the cove of the topmost strip (trickier than it sounds). Start in the middle and fit the new strip's bead into the cove of the glued strip, and staple it to the stations. Wipe up the glue. Cut off the extra at the bow and stern. Make sure the strip lies flush against the stems at the bow and stern. Clamp this area because it's tricky and often refuses to behave. Try not to destroy the cove on the new strip in the process!

Here is a closeup view right after I laid the top strip.

Well, 10 strips for a whole day doesn't sound like much, but I am exhausted. Time to lie down. My hands, wrists, and fingertips are SO SORE!! Lots of holding, pushing, squeezing, and absorbing the kickback of that staple gun. I have to wonder if I will wake up tomorrow unable to hold a glass of water.

We shall see!

Thanks to Adam for the use of his camera so you can see "non underwater" pictures today!


Posted by mel at May 8, 2005 01:44 AM

Awesome pics! It's really starting to look like...half a boat. (I am my father's son, no?)

I suspect the sharpening a chisel is much more difficult than it sounds, so you might find someone who does it professionally.

Posted by: Andrew at May 8, 2005 12:40 PM

Wow, wow, wow!! So pretty!

Posted by: Sarah at May 9, 2005 12:20 PM

The pictures with Adam's camera are very cool,
and much easier to see! You are making progress.

I agree with Andrew that you might want to see if somebody local can sharpen your chisel--check to see if somebody who sharpens lawnmower blades would do this or check with the hardware store to see if they know somebody. Maybe a knife sharpening service? If this is good steel, you can ruin it by mis-sharpening it.

Keep working!--Bob and Michiko

Posted by: Bob Petersen at May 10, 2005 10:54 AM
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