May 30, 2005

Started the tough part of stripping.

I've finished the easy part (just lay strips on top of each other), and thankfully, the stem shaping (whoo hoo!).

Now comes the hard part where I have to bevel both ends of each strip to fit with its surrounding material. Did the first two strips that required this tonight. Once I decided how to do it, it wasn't too bad. Some pictures....

back half


front half

look inside

me at the end

rasping the bow end

more smoothing

smooth bow!


view from bow

Realized a while ago that the "hull + deck before moving" goal was way too ambitious. I have scaled back to a probably possible, but still ambitious, goal of: hull finished and outside of hull glassed before move.

The great news is, there's a garage where I'll be moving to! !!! So it should be very convenient to continue working on the boat. yay!

Posted by mel at May 30, 2005 03:36 AM

I stand by my servant's claim that the boat is "sexy." He may have imbibed one too many, but I never touch the stuff, unlike a certain long-snouted, southern hussy we all know!


Posted by: Sachiko at May 30, 2005 01:01 PM

Well, the thingy is really starting to look
like a boat! How cute!

How sexy? Well, maybe if one lived in Seattle,
had no nose and no tail, and inhaled a lot of
chemical fumes.

At any rate, Ms. Noah, I am very proud of you and
hope that the garage has great ventilation as you
continue to work on The Ark.

Love, Hanako

Posted by: Hanako at June 2, 2005 08:19 AM
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